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Bourbeau & Bonilla was a Boston firm that specialized in criminal defense. Both Mike and Vicky are now retired from the practice of law.  Tom Fox is a Los Angeles attorney with a criminal and entertainment law practice. 




 What did Shakespeare say: "first thing we do is kill all the lawyers"
Some people ask criminal defense lawyers: "How can you defend those people?" .... well...


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"When it costs so much more to incarcerate a prisoner than to educate a child, we should take special care to insure that we are not incarcerating too many persons for too long.... Our resources are misspent, our punishments too severe, our sentences too long." 

Even Attorney General Eric Holder has spoken out against

warehousing so many members of the community in jail:

"Too many people go to too many prisons for far too long for no good law enforcement reason.   It is time to ask ourselves some fundamental questions about our criminal justice system.   Statutes passed by legislatures that mandate sentences, irrespective of the unique facts of an individual case, too often bear no relation to the conduct at issue, breed disrespect for the system, and are ultimately counterproductive.   It is time to examine our systems and determine what truly works"


but the defendant confessed ---he must be guilty...


Check out professor Kassin\'s research on false confessions



All should know, that the innocent not only get convicted.. THEY ARE PUT ON DEATH ROW.. 

Just check out Scheck and Neufeld\'s work at the Innocence Project.

and the Texas Tribune\'s interactive guide to the 86 individuals wrongfully convicted.


CHECK OUT what is  happening with Federal Sentencing

at Professor Berman\'s Sentencing Site

But What do the Judges Really Say and Do?

Read Judge Kopf"s blog Hercules and the Umpire


And finally the Supreme Court has recognized what insurance companies have known for years... juveniles make bad judgements and, despite wrongdoing, they should be sentenced differently then adults... check out Miller v. Alabama


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Many situations and problems you can, or wish to handle yourself, pro se.

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Self Help sites or  Great Links like,   Findlaw  and LawSmart.com


How many people criticize the courts and lawyers and criminal cases??  Have you read the CONSTITUTION?


Is Big Brother Watching You?... Check out the FBI\'s files released through the Freedom of Information Act..


Charged with a crime? Is it a Felony or Misdemeanor?  and Frequently Asked Questions and answers about Driving under the Influence from DUI guru Lawrence Taylor


For other criminal law news, statistics and information (i.e., historical crime stories, the mafia & the FBI most wanted), try  About.com, &  Crime Spider for searching criminal links


Some other entertaining legal links include our dumblaws that are still on the books, or Murder.com  for Mystery sites,



For those interested in Criminal Justice.. why not read the


ongoing satire  Courtroom Nine (an eclectic view of courtroom life)



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Reality check....justice denied.org

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